Seen | Together
Two artists │ Two mediums │ The intrigue of pairs

Work Title Credits


The titles of the combined works in this exhibition are juxtaposed lines or phrases selected from the
following poems.


Gallery 1

White herons fly through the moonlight  | Long ago I wept in a dark garden for joy
Li Po, “Autumn River Song” | Clifford Franklin Gessler, “Petals of Darkness”

In the night I will gossip with the clouds │Intimations concerning the enterprise of this life
Campbell McGrath, “Nights on Planet Earth” | Christopher Buckley, “Clouds in Summer”

The green of life requires blue  | An orange lucency fills the room
Robert L. Jones, “Blue” | Alice Jones, “Time Change”

More edge than beauty  | Scattered to the winds of living
Charles Lillard, “Earthly Courage” | Loureine Aber, “Death”

The green earth sends its incense up All day ice shrinking from the light
John Greenleaf Whittier, “The Worship of Nature” │ Alice B. Fogel, “Variation 3: Snapping turtle”

Preaching yellow, yellow in all directions On a collision course with white, and black, and gray
Coral Light, “Prairie Sure” Robert L. Jones, “Blue”

The sky was a god-bee that hummed  All the air boomed with that thunder
Luke Davies, “Totem Poem [In the yellow time of pollen]”

Each tree was a letter onceI could be happy in Alphabet City
Francine Sterle, “Deciphering the Alphabet” │ Eileen R. Tabios, “The Forced Departure”

Here the seasons push against each other  Striders, between, but needing, two worlds
Richard Wehrman, “Autumn Light” │ Kate Ford, “Still Life”


Gallery 2

Rapture doesn’t vanish  | Who doesn’t want the sun after the long winter?
Alice Jones, “Light” | Mary Oliver, “Spring”

Each moment’s carmine abundance  | Every angle of doubt
Tess Gallagher, “Red Poppy” John N. Morris, “Map Problems”

Within the milky gauze of our tilted gazing  │ Where the face of light might appear
Adrienne Rich, “Hubble Photographs: After Sappho” │ P.K. Page, “Alphabetical”

The fragrant hills spoke in flowering tonesThe sheer vertical act of feeling
Peter Gizzi, “Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures”


Gallery 3

Come even so.  We will start | Bring your nights with you
W.S. Merwin, “Beginning”

A lip on the edge of the flowering dark Inscribing addresses in quicksilver ink
Cole Swenson, “Fade to Light” │ Campbell McGrath, “Nights on Planet Earth”

Time, the other devourer  | Blooms into spherical music
Alice Jones, “Solo”

You are the paddle │The snowshoe The cabin in the pines
Billy Collins, “Canada”

The cold earth slept below  | That winter we left our hope beneath the snow
Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Cold Earth Slept Below” | Gabriel Welsch, “A Garden’s End”

All the trumpets of the sky Counting the dark tongues of bells
Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Snow-Storm” │ Carolyn Forché, “The Memory of Elena”