Seen | Together
Two artists │ Two mediums │ The intrigue of pairs

Artist Statement



Over the past two decades, the main focus of Louise Oborne's abstract work has been an exploration of atmospherics and process.

Drawn to the natural world, she has been particularly interested in interactions between earth and sky, water and land, light and air, and natural and human-made forms. These works often evoke strong emotional responses in viewers.

Currently, Louise's work is shifting to more inwardly focused “landscapes,” the experience of which is more ambiguous. These works embrace “doubleness” (what is seen and not seen, what is and what isn’t).

Memory, experience, feeling—the things engendered by processing the outer world—elicit the symbols, forms and marks that map this inner landscape.

The intent of this work is to make familiar reference points less recognizable and to invite the viewer to decode what they see. In other words, “What you see when you don’t know what you are seeing." (Pat Steir)