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Two artists │ Two mediums │ The intrigue of pairs

Exhibition Statement



Two artists | Two mediums | The intrigue of pairs


Intrigued by the evocative nature of unexpected pairings, artists Georgina Montgomery and Louise Oborne probe the power of disparate elements brought together to stimulate new meanings, new perspectives.

Louise’s mixed-media works and Georgina’s photographic prints1 represent two very separate mediums and two very different ways of visually rendering life experiences and inspirations.

Yet, in carefully juxtaposing works that play off contrasts and similarities of scale, form, line and style, Georgina and Louise create surprisingly unified pairs. Juxtaposed lines of poetry in the combined works’ titles add another layer of intrigue and resonance.

Ultimately, the differences and correspondences in each pairing yield not one but many possible connections—offering a wealth of “intimations concerning the enterprise of this life.”2


Georgina Montgomery and Louise Oborne



   1.  Georgina's work: Photographs, archival inkjet prints on fine art paper.
   Louise's work: Mixed media (acrylic, water soluble crayon, graphite, oil pastel, collage) on watercolour paper.

2. Christopher Buckley, “Clouds in Summer”