Seen | Together
Two artists │ Two mediums │ The intrigue of pairs

Artist Statement



Abstract artist Georgina Montgomery has worked in several mediums, including paint, mixed media, photography and assemblage.

Her practice combines her love of abstract expressionism and colour field painting with her fascination both in the marvel of existence and in time—how we understand its scale, measure it, experience it, describe it.

Since 2019 her studio focus has been a photography-based project, harnessing crazed light (caustic optics in physics) to create works that have the sensuality and complexity of abstract paintings. Using a small camera and a single warped-glass object, she conjures rich, dynamic and always unexpected compositions and colour from banal settings.

With this unusual lens train and (by most photography standards, unconventional technique), she intentionally sets out to “see less in order to see more.” The results of this unique process reveal an astounding amount of “there there”—marvel in every moment.